Approach Adopted

Who Can Approach The Commission

Any person may make a complaint,to the Commission giving specific details of the case supported by relevant documents.The applicant is also required to swear an affidavit on plain paper confirming the correctness of the facts given by him and also that the subject matter of the complaint it is not sub-judice. On receiving the complaint, the comments of the Departments are called and then the Commission hears the complainant and the officers together in order to find a solution.The hearing also facilitates the examination of generic issues which come to the Commission’s notice, preparatory to passing orders.The help of a legal practitioner is not permitted. (The Commission also entertains applications sent by post.)

Process Followed By The Commission In Complaints Hearing

The Commission calls the complainant and calls for such records and summons such officials as considered necessary, also , hears him and comes to a quick decision as to whether there has been any dereliction on the part of the officials concerned. The Commission lays emphasis on the speedy disposal of complaints. As per Resolution , it is incumbent on the officers of the Government of NCT to ensure that the documents called for by the Commission are furnished to it within the time frame specified and also to ensure that officials, if any, summoned by the Commission appear before it at such time and date as fixed for the purpose. The Commission passes speaking orders and in cases where it is held that the allegations made against the officials concerned are prima facie established, the Commission recommends action to be taken against the erring officials.

Procedure For Filing Complaints/registering A Grievance With The Commission

An aggrieved person may make a complaint in writing to the Chairman of the Commission giving specific details of his grievance or as the case may be. See Grievance Redressal Form : Click The complaint should be duly supported by the following:

  • Supporting documents like the application etc. made by the complainant to the departments/Public Body or the organization specified above and the inaction or the wrong actions taken by the concerned official/office on the same.
  • Copy of order passed by any of the officials of these Departments/Bodies (but not being the orders of any Courts, Tribunals judicial or quasi-judicial authorities) giving cause for grievance to the complainant.
  • A duly sworn affidavit on plain paper has to be filed by the complainant confirming the correctness of facts/allegations made by him in the application and also containing a declaration that the subject matter of the complaint is not sub-judice before any court of law or quasi-judicial authority.
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