Cases Entertained

Types Of Cases Entertained By The Commission

Wherever the Commission is satisfied that the grievance has not been attended by the concerned department or organization in a fair, just and objective manner or a corrupt practice appears to be involved, it takes up such cases for detailed scrutiny. The Commission also takes suo motocognizance of matters coming to its notice through newspapers/magazines/other media channels or verbal complaints. The Commission also goes into systemic problems and suggests ways to improve the delivery of services in a transparent and responsive manner. 

Cases Which Are Not Taken Up By The Commission

  • Where the complaint made is anonymous and contains vague and superfluous allegation
  • Where the matter is already sub-judice in any court of Law, Tribunal or a judicial or a quasi-judicial Authority
  • Where the complainant has not exhausted the channels available to him within the concerned Department / Organisation
  • Where the complaints are by the serving Government Officials against their Department
  • Where the complaint pertains to service matters. (However, complaints relating to the grant of Terminal Benefits like GPF/Gratuity to retired Government employees are being entertained.)
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Page Last updated date : 17-09-2020